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List of all CorelDraw X3 video tutorials for easy viewing

Note: These are CorelDraw X3 tutorials, but it is also worth viewing if you have CorelDraw 12 or earlier version. These tutorials does not mean it is not compatible to the early or newer versions, please view the video and try the steps involved.

Title Description
A demo how to create the YouTube box (no narration)

This is just a demo to show how to create the YouTube box.

Advanced drop Shadow in CorelDraw

This tutorial is all about creating drop shadow in a photograph that was powercliped. The drop shadow was scewed to make it realistic. Transparency was also used.

Aligning Objects by Hotkey

This tutorial is all about using shortcut keys to align objects. Very useful to speed up your design. Keys like C for center, L for left....

Artistic media in CorelDRAW

This tutorial is all about using the artistic media feature of CorelDraw. If you want a calligraphy look to your lines and make your design more artistic.

Bevel effect in CorelDraw

This tutorial explains how to use the Bevel Effect in CorelDraw. This is useful if you want to use stylized text with chisel effect. No need to go to Photoshop to do this effect.

Bitmap masking

This tutorial will show you how to get rid of the white background or any solid color in your photograph.

Blur and page curl effect

This is a short tutorial on how to use the blur effect and page curl.

Changing background of a photo

This tutorial is great if you want to change the background of your photo. Powerclip is the main tool that was used in this tutorial.

Changing colour modes

This tutorial explains how to use colour modes like doutone. Sometimes we want to make an image sepia or one tone with different shades.

Cleaning up Super Bowl logo

This is just a demo. I increase the speed of the video.

Colour management option

Why are the colours different in my screen? This is a common question if you have not used the colour management option. This tutorial is for people involved in printing and want to predict the...

Complex powerclip

This tutorial will show you how to use powerclip. Powerclip is one of my favourite effect. Very useful and it really is powerful. Illustrator cannot beat this effect.

Converting files to PDF

This tutorial is great when you want to send a pdf of your CorelDraw file. In the publish to PDF option, you can set the kind of PDF you want to distribute. Like, if you want it a high...

CorelDraw X3 interface

This tutorial shows the interface of CorelDraw X3.

Creating a logo

This is a tutorial on how to create your own logo. Fit Text to path is the effect that I mostly use in this tutorial.

Creating a valentines card

This tutorial will show you to create a simple valentines card using blends and transparency.

Creating a watermark background

This is a tutorial about creating watermark background using the transparency tool. Very easy to configure.

Creating Glass Effect in CorelDraw

This is a cool tutorial showing you how to create an illusion of glass. Lens effect was used in this tutorial, play with the settings of the lens option and you will be amazed with what it can...

Creating greeting card

This is a tutorial in how to create a greeting card. Most companies use CorelDraw in creating them. This is an actual card that I designed for my Mom's 65th Birthday.

Creating pattern in CorelDraw

This tutorial will show you how to create pattern to cover up an image.

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