Free CorelDraw Tutorials

Short Tutorials (17 Videos)

Change outline colour the fast way in CorelDraw

One click and you can change the outline of your object or text.

Rotate and change rotation center in CorelDraw

Rotation handles are great in rotating objects and text.

Mirror effect in CorelDraw

Fast mirror command, flip vertically or horizontally.

Shortcut Key for the navigator in CorelDraw

Want to navigate anywhere on the screen with a preview box? use this shortcut.

Creating image borders and fast cropping in CorelDraw

Fast border making on photos.

Adding guidelines in CorelDraw

Guidelines are useful, take advantage of this tool, great for alignment

Copying text properties in CorelDraw

A handy shortcut to copy the properties of an object.

Adding tint and shade on a colour fill in CorelDraw

Want make a colour darker or lighter? use this shortcut.

Merging Photographs in CorelDRAW

This tutorial will show you how to merge four photos using the interactive transparency too

Creating a perfect circle and squre in CorelDraw

Holding the ctrl key to create a circle and square.


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