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Making a banner in CorelDRAW

This is only a demo. I increased the video clip speed to show how to create a banner.

Lens effect in CorelDRAW

I designed a banner for my Mom's 65th Birthday and I decided to explore the lens effect in CorelDraw. It created a nice transparency with the letters and it looked good.

Making a calendar in CorelDRAW

CorelDraw has a very nice calendar maker. This tutorial will show you how to automate the making of the calendar and you can also add photos and other graphics in it.

Inserting text in CorelDRAW

This tutorial shows you how to insert text in your graphics area.

Image reflection in CorelDRAW

Image reflection can be done in CorelDraw, this is a trend now. Reflection can be achieve by using mirror tool and interactive transparency tool.

Frosted text with drop shadow in CorelDRAW

This tutorial teaches you how to create text with frosted or transparent fill. I will also show you how to apply drop shadow to a transparent text fill.

Illustration technique 2 in CorelDRAW

Here is another illustration technique, using the trace and eye dropper tool you can redraw a low resolution image and then vectorize it.

Frosted boxes in CorelDraw

Cool effect if you have a watermark in your poster and you want to put text on top of it. You can make frosted box in CorelDraw and text will be more visible

Illustration techniques 1 in CorelDRAW

Great way to use transparency in an illustration. With the Interactive Transparency tool, you can make your plain illustration to be more realistic with shadows and highlights.

Find and replace option in CorelDRAW

Very useful tutorial specially when you are looking for object properties in your detailed artwork in CorelDraw. If you have lots of objects with the same fill and you want to locate it, Find and Replace is the tool.


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