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Advanced & Project Based Tutorials (50)

Transparency Tool in CorelDRAW

One of my favourite tool, the Transparency tool. A long tutorial but will cover lots of tips and tricks in using the transparency tool.

Designing a business card in CorelDRAW

This tutorial will show you how to design a business card and have the file ready for the printer.

Using the smart fill tool in CorelDRAW

This is a tutorial about the tool smart fill. It is indeed a smart tool. You can fill an area quickly with this tool as long as it is a closed path. Great tool and time saver.

Vectorizing a low res logo in CorelDRAW

In this tutorial, you will learn how to clean up a low resolution logo. Vectorizing a logo is necessary so that the logo will look crisp and will not be pixelated.

Distressed Text Effect in CorelDRAW

This tutorial will show you how to make text or graphics distressed style. Text and graphics will remain a vector. Texture fill was also used.

Fit text to path in CorelDRAW

This tutorial will show you how to fit text to path, very good technique specially when creating logos.

Using the Table Tool in CorelDRAW

You can create a fast layout of a flyer using the table tool. Very easy, and the photos can still be repositioned.

Recreating the Apple Logo in CorelDRAW

This is a tutorial on how to recreate an existing logo using the bezier tool and some tools like smart fill, transparency.

Receding effects on photos in CorelDRAW

This tutorial is all about creating receding illusion on photos. You will learn how to create a photo frame.

Converting a sketch to an illustration in CorelDraw

This is a very useful tutorial for illustrators or if you are starting to learn how to transfer your sketches to CorelDraw. Easy to learn technique.


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