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CorelDRAW Tools

Pick Tool Pick tool - Select, position, or transform objects.
Freehand Pick tool Freehand Pick tool - Select objects by using a freehand selection marquee. Position and transform objects.
Shape tool Shape tool (F10) - Edit a curve object or text character by manipulating nodes.
Smudge Brush tool Smudge Brush tool - Change the shape of an object by dragging along its outline.
Roughen Brush tool Roughen Brush tool - Distort the edge of an object by dragging along its outline.
Free Transform tool Free Transform tool - Rotate, skew, mirror, and scale objects.
Smear tool Smear tool - Change the edge of an object by dragging along its outline.
Twirl tool Twirl tool - Add swirl effects by dragging along the outline of an object.
Attract tool Attract tool - Reshape objects by attracting nodes to the cursor.
Repel tool Repel tool - Reshape objects by pushing nodes away from the cursor.
Smooth tool Smooth tool - Smooth object by dragging along its outline.
Crop tool Crop tool - Remove the areas outside a selection.
Knife tool Knife tool - Slice an object to split it into two separate objects.
Eraser tool Eraser tool (X) - Remove unwanted areas in a drawing.
Virtual Segment Delete tool Virtual Segment Delete tool - Remove overlapping segments in objects.
Zoom tool Zoom tool (Z) - Change the magnification level of the document window.
Pan tool Pan tool (H) - Drag hidden areas of a drawing into view without changing the zoom level.
Freehand tool Freehand tool (F5) - Draw curves and straight line segments.
2-Point Line tool 2-Point Line tool - Draw a straight line by drawing from the starting point to the endpoint.
Bezier tool Bezier tool - Draw curves one segment at a time.
Artistic Media tool Artistic Media tool (I) - Add artistic brush, spray, and calligraphic effects by using freehand strokes.
Pen tool Pen tool - Draw curves in segments, and preview each segment as you draw.
B-Spline tool B-Spline tool - Draw curved lines by setting control points that shape the curve without breaking it into segments.
Polyline tool Polyline tool - Draw connected curves and straight lines in one continuous action.
3-Point Curve tool 3-Point Curve tool - Draw a curve by dragging from the starting point to the endpoint and then positioning the center point.
Smart Fill tool Smart Fill tool - Create objects from overlapping areas, and apply a fill to those objects.
Smart Drawing tool Smart Drawing tool (Shift+S) - Convert freehand strokes to basic shapes or smoothed curves.
Rectangle tool Rectangle tool (F6) - Draw squares and rectangles by dragging in the drawing window.
3-Point Rectangle tool 3-Point Rectangle tool - Draw rectangles at an angle.
Elipse tool Elipse tool (F7) - Draw circles and elipses by dragging in the drawing window.
3-Point Elipse tool 3-Point Elipse tool - Draws elipses at an angle.
Polygon tool Polygon tool (Y) - Draw polygons by draggig in the drawing window.
Star tool Star tool - Draw uniform, outlined stars.
Complex Star tool Complex Star tool - Draw stars that have intersecting sides.
Graph Paper tool Graph Paper tool (D) - Draw a grid.
Spiral tool Spiral tool (A) - Draw symmetrical and logarithmic spirals.
Basic Shapes tool Basic Shapes tool - Draw triangles, circles, cylinders, hearts and other shapes.
Arrow Shapes tool Arrow Shapes tool - Draw arrows of various shapes and directions.
Flowchart Shapes tool

Flowchart Shapes tool - Draw flowchart symbols.

Banner Shapes tool Banner Shapes tool - Draw ribbon objects and explosion shapes.
Callout Shapes tool Callout Shapes tool - Draw labels and speech bubbles.
Text tool Text tool (F8) - Add and edit paragraph and artistic text.
Table tool Table tool - Draw, select, and edit tables.
Parallel Dimension tool Parallel Dimension tool - Draw slanted dimension lines.
Horizontal or Vertical Dimension tool Horizontal or Vertical Dimension tool - Draw horizontal or vertical dimension lines.
Angular Dimension tool Angular Dimension tool - Draw angular dimension lines.
Segment Dimension tool Segment Dimension tool - Display the distance between end nodes on single or multiple segments.
3-Point Callout tool 3-Point Callout tool - Draw a callout with a two-segment leadingline.
Straight-Line Connector tool Straight-Line Connector tool - Draw a straight line to connect two objects.
Right-Angle Connector tool Right-Angle Connector tool - Draw a right angle to connect two objects.
Right-Angle Round Connector tool Right-Angle Round Connector tool - Draw a right angle with a rounded corner to connect two objects.
Edit Anchor tool Edit Anchor tool - Modify the connector line anchor points of objects.
Blend tool Blend tool - Blend objects by creating a progression of intermediate objects and colors.
Contour tool Contour tool - Apply a series of concentric shapes that radiate into or out of an object.
Distort tool Distort tool -Transform objets by applying Push and Pull, Zipper, or Twister effects.
Drop Shadow tool Drop Shadow tool - Apply shadows behind or below objects.
Envelope tool Envelope tool - Change the shape of an object by applying and dragging the nodes of an envelope.
Extrude tool Extrude tool - Apply 3D efect to objects to create the illusion of depth.
Transparency tool Transparency tool - Partially reveal image areas underneath the object.
Color Eyedropper tool Color Eyedropper tool - Sample colors, and apply them to objects.
Outline Pen Outline Pen (F12) - Set outline properties sucj as line thickness, corner shape, and arrow type.
Outline Color Outline Color (Shift+F12) - Choose the outline color by using color viewers and color palettes.
Uniform Fill Uniform Fill (Shift+F11) - Choose a solid fill color for an object by using color palettes, color viewers, color harmonies, or color blends.
Fountain Fill Fountain Fill (F11) - Fill an object with a gradient of colors or shades.
Pattern Fill Pattern Fill - Apply a preset pattern fill to an object or create a custom pattern fill.
Texture Fill Texture Fill - Apply preset texture fills to objects to create the illusion of a variety of textures, such as water, clouds and stone.
PostScript Fill PostScript Fill - Apply an intricate PostScript texture fill to an object.
Interactive Fill tool Interactive Fill tool (G) - Create a fill dynamically by using markers in the drawing window and property bar to change the angle, midpoint, and color.
Mesh Fill tool Mesh Fill tool (M) - Fill an object by blending multiple colors or shades arranged over a mesh grid.

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