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Alex GalvezAlex Galvez was born in the Philippines and got his design and artistic skills at the University of the Philippines, School of Fine Arts. As a student he won 12 Painting Competitions. That time he was trained using the traditional tools in design like, poster paints, charcoal pencils, and even letter transfers. After finishing school, he was invited to work at a Children TV show creating backgrounds for animation, prop design and costume design.

After two years he decided to leave the country and experience working abroad. He worked as an overseas worker as a Advertising Graphic Designer in Brunei Darussalam. With no computer graphics background Alex was assigned to computerize the sign making system of the company. With research, Alex discovered CorelDraw 3.0. Slowly he made the transition from handmade signmaking to computerized signmaking. That increased the sales of the company. He trained personnel from design to production by using CorelDraw products.

CorelDraw was the secret of Alex success in his graphics design career. After 6 years he migrated to Canada and worked as graphics instructor in the University of Guelph. At the present he teaches AutoCAD to engineering students. He also helps their family business, Click Signs, in their design needs. Teaching CorelDraw was his passion and he even posts his tutorials on YouTube to share the power of CorelDraw around the world. He teaches in the morning and in the evening the creates tutorials for

Why CorelDraw? Alex tried other graphics software packages and for him, CorelDraw stands out because of its ease of use and powerful features.

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